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Tips & Tricks


If you’d like to take a glimpse into our back office, be part of our exciting work, and even get convinced of our services, here’s a ten-step guide we follow for a successful event. Please remember these are just a few tips and a short guideline that we consider in the relationship with our clients:

1. Time. Choose the date of your event weeks in advance; we usually recommend a minimum of three weeks, in order to ensure all the details are handled effectively, at the best price and with quality services. For large events it’s recommended to launch the request one year in advance.

2. Venue. Make sure the venues you are considering are suited to the event you are planning.

3. Concept. Always think of the concept in any aspect of the event: the hall, the dinner, the reception of the guests, the accommodation, etc, should all fit in a carefully defined concept that matches both the client’s profile and the purpose of the event.

4. Suppliers. It is important that your event planner chooses already tested or well-reputed suppliers.

5. Budget. Putting on a successful, well-managed event needs a specific budget, adjusted to its size, purpose and activities included. However, make sure that your event planner negotiates on your behalf with the suppliers.

6. Check up. The list of the requested services must be carefully checked up before the kickoff.

7. Coordination. A good coordination between client, event planner and suppliers is crucial for the dynamic of your event.

8. Small details matter. As small as they may seem, they will surely make the difference. Let your event planner know all the details you are thinking of. Don’t expect to have flowers in the room, or water on the tables, ask for them!

9. Proactive assistance. Expect and make sure that your event planner is right there on the spot for you and has things under control.

10. Feedback. Always give feedback to your event planner, during and after the event.