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Hateg, The Land of Stone Churches

Hateg is one of the richest areas of the country, with a great historical significance. Here are some of the most important monuments of architecture and archeology in the country, like the medieval stone churches, Dacian and Roman relics, but also natural monuments.

The stone churches from Hateg are the oldest of this type in Romania and among the most interesting monuments of medieval architecture in Transylvania, built between 9th-12th centuries. Among the 16 chapels, the most impressive churches are Sântămărie Orlea, Strei, Densuş, Ostrov, Sânpetru Orthodox Church, Prislop Monastery and Serfs church from Salasu De Sus.

The Church of Densus
The Strei Church
Santamarie Orlea
The Ostrov Church
Sanpetru Orthodox Church
Prislop Monastery
Serfs Church
Retezat National Park