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Best of Romania


Discover the Salt Mines of Transylvania

Salt mines are a very good place to relax and treat breathing diseases, at the same time giving the visitor the opportunity to explore the miracles of nature.

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The Medieval Saxon Fortress-Churches

The rich medieval heritage of our country is illustrated with greatness by Romania’s collection of castles and fortresses.

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Wooden Churches of Maramures
- Part of a living “Outdoor Museum” -

Maramures is a living “outdoor museum” famous for its unchanged way of life. The northwestern Romanian region of Maramures is home to many villages where century-old traditions are still part of daily life.

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Discover the Rare Natural Beauty
of Danube Delta

Danube Delta, this land of waters, takes you away from everything that looks like a human establishment and guides you into a journey sprinkled with natural islands, lonely floating forests and incredible wildlife.

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Hateg, The Land of Stone Churches

Hateg is one of the richest areas of the country, with a great historical significance. Here are some of the most important monuments of architecture and archeology in the country, like the medieval stone churches, Dacian and Roman relics, but also natural monuments.

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The Transfagarasan Highway

With our first “the best of…” wanted to give you the energy, the sense of fresh nature and adventure and to inspire you for a great incentive, for both men and women, together or gender groups, why not?

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